don’t think I forgot about those kiss prompts guys… here’s ‘forehead kiss’!
Pearl once got too cocky in a battle, and due to her mistake the monster got past her and crushed Amethyst before she could defend. Garnet, a gem usually able to crush entire mountains, isn’t sure how to crush just this one little regret for Pearl…

bird pearl
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pearlnet-punk asked: 12, pearlnet? :3


12. on the hand

i haven’t drawn anything remotely pearlnet in forever

kiss meme


Garnet hair yisss

friendlyneighborhoodpixie a dit : Garnet and Pearl, 12 (kiss on the hand)

WHO is the demon in the su tag who said awhile ago that they imagine Pearl and Garnet winning the Beach City dance competition every year?! I can’t stop thinking about that since I read it! Ahh!!

So scenario: One year Pearl does something unexpected in the middle of their live performance! They get a ten out of ten. Garnet thinks about it sometimes.
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for all your pearl/garnet needs