((quick Incredibly Anime pearlnet for a warmup and also pearlnetuesday
gemships r fun to draw))
Anonymous asked: You watch Steven universe?! You and me would get along so well but I am too shy to come off anon...ah could you draw some Pearlnet?


yes I do! I think it’s a really cute show. (ahahah don’ be shy anon it’s ok!)

that last episode killed me too, Lapis had SUCH a great design!


lava-schism asked: Um, since you're trying to keep NSFW stuff off the blog, would you mind if I made a blog exclusively for Pearlnet NSFW? That way if one wishes to view it, they would know where to look.

go ahead! and send a link here so people can go there if they want :D

i just wanna make sure theres a kid-friendly pearlnet blog out there hahahaa


Kirsten stoppit
blossomsillusions asked: Hi! I'm new to the Steven Universe fandom and I stumbled upon Pearlnet! I have determined that they are adorable together and I really enjoy your blog! Have a lovely day! :D


now i stopped tagging things here as ‘fanart’ and ‘fanfic’ a while back but if enough people would like me to i can go back and fix that so it’s more organized. does anyone care?? or would i just be wasting my time?

sufferingspooks asked: LUV THE NEW ICON



robosnop said: SU request: pjs pearl and garnet

they’re all tuckered out after a long mission

im such a loser hahha T^T
for all your pearl/garnet needs